Hybrid Lawns Services

Primary Services

Hybrid Lawns is prepared to tackle practically any landscaping service task, including:
– Lawn mowing
– Edging
– Pruning (to clarify, we do not dry plums for you)
– Weed and brush clearing
– Fertilizing
– Weed care (Chemical Free, Organic and conventional)
– Plant installation
– Sprinkler tune ups & repair
– Certified Rachio Pro

As you will see from the landscape services we provide, Hybrid Lawns is neck-deep in the waters of Lake Pollution Solution. We don’t need a boat either; we like it this way.
We prioritize the use of human-powered, propane-powered, and electric lawn service tools, which significantly reduce or eliminate emissions that pollute our air. Additionally, we believe that you should never have to sacrifice the attractiveness of your lawn in order to be environmentally friendly. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you love the way your lawn looks.
We know how to put weeds in their place (a compost bin). Only as a last resort and under rare circumstances will we use conventional chemicals, and once the problem is under control we will maintain your weed free, healthy lawn with organic products. After all, an organic lawn deserves organic fertilizer and weed control. You deserve to have a picturesque lawn that you can be proud of.

But Wait, There’s More!

As an added benefit to choosing eco lawn care services, you will enjoy how our tools make significantly less noise compared to gas-powered tools. Not to mention, using organic products and avoiding gasoline reduces the risk of gas spills and chemical spills, which are bad for your health, the health of your lawn, they smell gross, and they can make toxic runoff that is harmful to the environment.

Kurt Scheuer has a wealth of experience as a landscaper and many loyal customers who both love the way he makes their lawns look and have spread the word that Hybrid Lawns is revolutionizing lawn mowing service with style. Kurt’s good-natured American boy attitude, in combination with his vast experience as a landscaper, makes it easy to work with him and to communicate to him your hopes and expectations for your lawn.

We even operate paper-free by utilizing online invoices and payments. Square payments are also accepted. You might have heard our eco lawn care service mentioned on National Public Radio for Square!

Eco Fact:

U.S. Department of Energy, “Because propane is a low-carbon, clean-burning fuel, a switch to propane in [lawn equipment] can result in substantial reductions of hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, propane is nontoxic, so it isn’t harmful to soil or water.”

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