About Hybrid Lawns

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Our Equipment: The Hybrid Collection

Here’s where our name came from – we use a combination of gas and electric equipment, just like a hybrid car!  

  • Electric mowers and string trimmers  
  • Gas hedge trimmers and blowers

Why electric?  No air pollution and less noise nuisance.  Cars are not the only cause of poor air quality!  Electric equipment is quieter and does not produce exhaust.  

Why not all electric?  Current technology simply does not provide enough power in all cases, but we are always on the lookout for new innovations.    

Our Team

Hybrid Lawns is family owned and operated. Based out of Camarillo, owners Kurt and Becky Scheuer work alongside trained, background-checked employees to provide services – and the boss, rescue dog Amber, rides along to supervise…and lay in the grass, chew up sticks, etc.

Give Hybrid Lawns a try! It feels good to know that you’re part of such a promising effort to significantly reduce pollution.

Our Commitment


Traditional landscaping relies solely on gas-powered equipment and chemicals for weed control and fertilizer.  Hybrid Lawns was created to provide a better option: eco-friendly landscaping. From the equipment we use to the materials we recommend – Hybrid Lawns is committed to offering cleaner and safer landscaping options.  


Excessive runoff from a garden?  Dry lawn? We’ll check the sprinklers.  Vines growing into the trees? We’ll trim that.  Weeds popping up in the flower garden? We’ll pull those.

With Hybrid Lawns, you get more than just the basic mow-blow-go approach to landscaping.  If we see a issue or potential problem at your property, we won’t ignore it. We’ll take care of the small stuff and discuss the big stuff with you.  


Whether you are a weekend gardener with limited time or the ‘gardening-gene’ skipped your generation, we will setup a plan just for you. We provide service that fits individual preferences, and of course – we are always open to questions, specific requests and feedback! We share visit times and notes via Google Sheets, so you can see when we worked and the details of what we did.

Why You Should Want Eco-Friendly Lawn Care.

Believe it or not, inefficient lawn care methods are actually a significant contributor to the nation’s air pollution. Each week, about 60 million Americans get their lawns mowed, using about 800 million gallons of gas every year. It accounts for up to 5% of the nation’s air pollution. Now if that doesn’t strike you as extremely silly, then consider this… Why?.

Why on earth are we continuing to make such a huge amount of pollution if there are efficient lawn tools that either dramatically reduce or completely eliminate harmful emissions?.

Here’s the reason: we don’t demand that landscapers use eco-friendly methods. Fuel-efficient and zero emission lawn equipment are more expensive so lawn care companies don’t invest in it. That works just fine for them because it is not demanded of them to use eco-friendly tools in order for them to get work. Meanwhile, the traditional gas-powered lawnmowers they use, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection agency, produce as much air pollution each year as 43 new cars each being driven 12,000 miles.

Just reading this as I’m writing, my head is spinning like an owl at a NASCAR race. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Hybrid Lawns was created to provide a new option for homeowners with lawns. We dared to invest in eco-friendly lawn care because it is absolutely necessary for the sake of the environment. With persistence and the support of our environmentally conscious customers, wasteful and old-fashioned lawn equipment will no longer be tolerated.

Here are some fun facts to get you motivated to join our cause: Switching 500 lawn mowers to electric mowers would reduce pollution by 212 pounds of hydrocarbons (smog ingredient), 1.7 pounds of nitrogen oxides (smog ingredient), 5.6 pounds of irritating particles, and 1.724 pounds of carbon dioxide.


Our History

Kurt Scheuer always mowed lawns as a side job, but never dreamed that it would provide his entire livelihood and a meaningful purpose to his life. But then, in 2010, Kurt was laid off from his job and, like so many Americans, was faced with the challenge of finding a way to put cheese on his bread despite the dire state of the economy.

He already knew that conventional methods for mowing lawns were wasteful and harmful so he decided that he should look into eco-friendly lawn care.

What he found is that there are tons of other people out there who are passionate about saving the environment. He also found that homeowners value having a home-grown Michigan boy bring their lawn dreams to life. The fact is this: better lawn equipment provides better results with little or no pollution and much less noise!

Today, Hybrid Lawns has many loyal customers who are glad to play their role in reducing pollution. Their lawns look beautiful, and they look up at the sun in the morning and say, “I love you too, World!” or something like that.

Eco Fact:

Lawn and garden equipment users inadvertently add to the problem by spilling 17 million gallons of fuel each year while refilling their outdoor power equipment. That’s more petroleum than spilled by the Exxon Valdez in the Gulf of Alaska.